Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kidspoint Snow Day!

Everybody loves a snow (or blizzard) day, but it's kind of a bummer when it happens on a Sunday. Kids big and small will spend the day sledding, making snow angels, and building forts for epic snowball fights (no mercy on my kids, either!).

Parents, you have an opportunity to do so much more than just make your kids hot chocolate and dry their clothes. You have a prime opportunity to set a godly example and show them that just because we have a snow day from church doesn't mean we take a day off from God. So, what will you do? Don't miss this opportunity. After all, YOU are the primary spiritual influence in your kids' lives!

Now THAT'S pointing kids to Jesus....

Kidspoint Snow Day! from Steven Latham on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kidspoint QUEST Families: Accelerate Together!

Kidspoint QUEST Families: Accelerate Together! from Steven Latham on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have this sign that says GOD IS HERE pinned on the wall of my cube (at least for office next month!), and it often catches my eye. I don't really know why I put it up other than because it was in a box of stuff and I thought it was kinda cool. So, there it remains, motionless on the wall, but it won't leave me alone...

As it inevitably catches my eye several times a day, it causes me to constantly reflect upon whether I truly believe it and subsequently whether or not my actions demonstrate that belief. I know without a doubt that I have the head knowledge that God is all-powerful, all-knowing, all-present, along with everything else that Scripture reveals about His nature. But as is often the case, there is a huge chasm between head knowledge (belief) and heart knowledge (action).

I've concluded that many days I live my life not as if GOD IS HERE, but more as if GOD IS THERE. In other words, I live minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day focusing more on where I am going (or want to go) rather than where I am. But experiencing and knowing God is not a destination, but a journey.

For example, I aspire to be a godly husband and father to my family (where I'm going or want to go), but God puts before me daily the opportunities to grow and live that out (where I am). So, my focus has been too much on the destination, but not enough on the journey (and hard work) that will get me there.

As it is said, the journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step. And in that first step, GOD IS HERE. He's also here at the second step, the 100th step, and that final step.

In what ways are fixated on the destination rather than the journey? How are you short-circuiting your spiritual growth as you focus on the end, but not the means? Where are you ignoring God's presence today while seeking His hand for tomorrow? Stop living like GOD IS THERE and start living like GOD IS HERE.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kidspoint Sneak Peak

Here's a sneak peak into our new Kidspoint look and environments. Special thanks to Josh for the mad skillz in bringing the new concept to life!

More than just a fresh look or cool names, this new concept represents a shift in stragegy. The compass icon ties everything together. No matter what age kids are, they are on an adventurous journey toward discovering Jesus. Kidspoint provides age and developmentally-appropriate environments and 'Compass Points' (foundational biblical truths/spiritual benchmarks) to ensure that every child has the opportunity to know and follow Jesus by the time they finish 5th grade. We are 'Pointing Kids to Jesus!'

The 'new' Kidspoint will be unveiled this Sunday at Lifepoint Church. You're coming, right? Who are you bringing with you?!


Birth-2 years old (formerly Nursery)

3's & 4s / 5's & Kindergarten (formerly Preschool)

1st-5th Grades (formerly Elementary)


Our brand new Electronic Check-In is now in its centralized location in the lobby. Parents can now check in all of their kids at once no matter what their destination is! There will always be someone to assist you, but you can also check in yourself.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Next Stop: Turkey

Lindsay and I will be heading to Turkey in less than two days. Can't believe the time is already here!

Our team of eight Lifepointers will be providing programming support for conference of "workers" from around the country. They have poured their lives into the Turkish people, and this is our opportunity to pour into them and their families. We will be hosted by a wonderful couple, Nat & Abby, who I am very excited to meet.

Turkey is a spiritually dark place (99% Muslim), so the experience will be much more than physically demanding. Pray that our team is covered by God's hand throughout. Pray also for safe travels, health, and focus as we serve. Finally, pray that God's grace would abound as Lindsay and I leave our four kids with her brother's family near Atlanta (some prayers for them would be equally appropriate!). It'll be hard leaving them, but sometimes God calls us to hard things.

I look forward to experiencing another culture and seeing what God is doing in that part of the world.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Countdown to Turkey

Be sure to check out our team videos on my wife's blog! It's worth the couple of minutes to watch...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Roll Out

Enough said.